Isildur1 and Gavz101 Tangle at $50/100 PLO

Isildur1Although big sessions have been few and far between lately, Monday provided some intense action at the PokerStars tables. The featured bout was another installment of Isildur1 vs. Gavz101, who faced off in a hotly contested $50/100 PLO session.

The super-aggressive Swede ended up taking home a little more than $90,000 in just under 3,000 hands and was in control for most of the match, mixing in a barrage of check-raises that seemed to leave Gavz101 on the defense. He also ended up scooping five of the days six largest pots.

Here are the most memorable hands:

Isildur closes out the biggest pot of the day on the turn.

A couple of premium hands on the flop build a 49k pot.

A rough flop for Blom ends up spelling disaster.

An easy win turns into quite a sweat in this 48k pot.

Two more monster hands get tangled in a 44k pot.

Gavz101 is drawing thin even though he's holding the best hand on the flop.

With the ace of clubs in his hand as well as a low open-ended straight draw, Gavz must have felt pretty confident about his hand since he probably had some outs if his aces were no good on the flop. That confidence was surely deflated after the cards were turned over, as Blom's top-pair/monster wrap/straight-flush draw held a commanding 72.68% lead on the flop. Even more deflating was the fact that Gavz101's straight-cards, two remaining aces, and runner-runner two pair combinations actually added almost zero equity to his hand. 20 of Isildur's 22 outs trump any improvement Gavz101 can make to his hand (the ten of diamonds and ten of hearts could be beaten by a six), and Gavz catching two-pair would give Isildur a straight. Although these hands seem to happen with some regularity, this was a truly unique one that was filled with complexity even though the decisions made by the two players were quite simple.

Some recent wins have added to a more stabilized bankroll, but can Isildur1 make another push towards the top?


  1. adub311
    adub311 on 05/25/2011 12:21 a.m.

    ***An ace for Gavz101 could also beat Isildur's trip tens.

  2. provoman
    provoman on 05/25/2011 3:41 a.m.

    Just a bad run. Good Luck GAVZ.

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