November UGL: Three First-time Winners

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Results for November 2011 UGL 200NL, 400NL and 600NL:

Ultimate $1/$2 NL GrindersUGL Badge $1/$2 NL

Player Site Net Hands BB/100
MakoEV PokerStars $13,268 100,889 3.29
inwooke PokerStars $12,891 133,214 2.42
Be_careful Cake Poker $10,852 26,615 10.19
Hdoggy Bodog Poker $9,169 16,866 13.59
MadAgenda PokerStars $8,469 51,807 4.09

MakoEV takes down his first UGL badge with a very strong November, winning $13,268 over 100,889 hands. He just barely edged out fellow PokerStars grinder inwooke, who brought his lifetime winnings up to $327,686 according to PTR. While PokerStars players still dominated the top spots in the UGL race, players from sites allowing U.S. residents started to make some noise in November. Cake Poker regular Be_careful and Bodog regular Hdoggy turned in very solid months, making $10,852 and $9,169 respectively. Both these players boast winrates of over 5 BB/100 over more than 500,000 hand samples, perhaps indicating that these sites still open to U.S. players could offer softer games than PokerStars. Full 200NL results

Ultimate $2/$4 NL GrindersUGL Badge $2/$4 NL

Player Site Net Hands BB/100
GusanoZ PokerStars $21,430 61,368 4.37
DarwinBarney Merge $19,208 28,952 8.29
Pappe_ruk PokerStars $18,573 75,298 3.08
y3nomruteglliwi iPoker $18.020 18,719 12.03
BigGOGI PokerStars $16,244 39,934 5.08

While there were some new names on the 400NL leaderboard, well-known Stars grinder GusanoZ earned his first UGL badge making $21,430 over 61,368 hands. He added to his very consistent PTR graph, winning at a rate of 4.37 BB/100 for the month and bringing his lifetime PTR earnings up to $171,155. Looking to make a name for themselves, Merge player DarwinBarney and iPoker regular y3nomruteglliwi had very solid Novembers, making $19,208 and $18,020 respectively. It'll be very interesting to watch in the coming months to see if PokerStars players will be able to regain their domination of the UGL leaderboards or if Merge, Bodog, and iPoker regulars will continue to grind their way onto the UGL leaderboards. Full 400NL results

Ultimate $3/$6 NL GrindersUGL Badge $3/$6 NL

dougiedan678 PokerStars $19,710 10,721 15.32
forhayley PokerStars $18,158 31,274 4.84
Majmond Merge $18,022 15,666 9.59
betstreet PokerStars $14,215 41,790 2.83
24kgilded PokerStars $14,124 26,900 4.38

Despite logging only 10,721 hands in November, Stars player and LeggoPoker coach dougiedan678 earned his first UGL badge making $19,710 over this small number of hands. Though his monthly winrate of 15.32 BB/100 is certainly unsustainable, it would be interesting to see what kind of winrate this talented player could sustain if he put in some significant volume at midstakes. Forhayley followed up his first UGL badge in October with a runner-up finish in November. With an additional $18,158 in profits for November, He continued tearing up the mistakes games this month, bringing his lifetime winnings to over $330,000. Betstreet also finished in the top 5 of the UGL in back-to-back months, following up his third place finish in the October UGL with a fourth place finish in this month's race. Although he only has a lifetime total of 272,140 hands tracked by PTR, he is quickly establishing himself as a consistent winner in some of the toughest games on the net.

Full 600NL results

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