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Congratulations WSOP Main Event Seat Winner!

PokerTableRatings would like to congratulate POKERWIFE579 on his victory in the first PokerTableRatings WSOP Main Event Freeroll! He climbed to the top of 183 entrants in a battle for a $12,000 package and finally won when he got it all in with AKs against 55.

[caption id="attachment_250737" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Free Roll Final Hand"]Free Roll Final Hand[/caption]

Thank you to all of the participants who helped make this event such a great success! Look forward to many more promotions just like this from

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Good luck WSOP Free Roll Players!

It's finally here.  Tonight at 9:05 PM EST the PTR Free Roll tournament begins.

Everyone here at PokerTableRatings would like to wish all the players good luck.  Whether or not you win the grand prize $10,000 WSOP main event seat (plus $2000 in travel expenses,) we hope you have a good time competing.  We are just as excited as you are to see the results.

Look forward to many more great offers just like this one from in the future.

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PokerTableRatings WSOP Free Roll!

Poker's most prestigious event is right around the corner: The $10,000 Buyin World Series of Poker Main Event. Last year's prize pool was over $64 Million, and paid out over 650 players just like you! We at PokerTableRatings have decided to host an invitational freeroll to give away a seat to the Main Event and give you your shot at stardom!

Yes, you read it correctly. We are putting up $12,000 for the first PTR members only freeroll! The winner gets a $12k prize which covers the $10,000 Entry Fee into the WSOP Main Event and $2,000 additional spending money for travel and expenses.

Only PTR users are receiving this invitation which means that the field of players will be relatively small and YOU have a GREAT shot at winning it!

Click here for more info and registration instructions:


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Improvements on Full Tilt Poker & Cereus

We've made a variety of improvements on both Full Tilt and Cereus.

1) Fixed an issue that was causing us to miss hands for tables that have the same name

2) Added support for ante games

3) Fixed a variety of smaller coverage issues

These changes went live today and we hope over the next few weeks we'll see a big improvement in coverage!


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Comments are Live!

As you might have noticed, we've implemented a comment system. On any player search page you can use the comments (when logged in) to discuss a player.

Please try to keep it civil though! We will delete anything we don't like :)



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Site Load Issues


We moved our front end database to another server and enabled php connection pooling, now things are moving a little faster around here :)

Monday we're going to upgrade the memory in our front end server and start memcaching as much as possible. We'll see how that goes!

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Announcing PTR Hand History Sales!

We are pleased to announce that PokerTableRatings has started to sell Hand Histories! Now you can have access to the over 1.3 billion hands we've collected to empower you at the tables. We currently sell hands in batches of up to 5 million hands (depending on availability). We are planning to offer a subscription model as well, although this will be released in the near future.

Check it out now!

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