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JoeTall Poker Player Ranking and Stats - Full Tilt Poker
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gelosebrand: Why do you multiaccount?
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Status: WARM
Tracked From: Nov 3rd, 2008

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JoeTall's Results by Game Stake

Games Hands Net BB/100 Rake Rakeback Last Played Get Hands
$0.5/$1 NLH $1,402 $463 Jan 7th, 2009
$1/$2 NLH $466 $154 Jan 8th, 2009
$0.5/$1 PLH $15 $5 Jan 4th, 2009
$0.1/$0.25 NLH SH $1 $0 Nov 25th, 2008
$0.05/$0.1 NLH $3 $1 Nov 4th, 2008
$0.05/$0.1 NLH SH $1 $0 Nov 4th, 2008
$0.5/$1 NLH SH $0 $0 Dec 16th, 2008
$2/$4 NLH $0 $0 Jan 8th, 2009
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