The Betfair Challenge

Join the Betfair Challenge to win over $15,000 in prizes, including a trip to see Manchester United FC in box seats!

Register with PTR (or sign into an existing account) and create a new account with Betfair Poker for your chance to win a signed Manchester United jersey and VIP tickets to see Manchester United take on Sunderland at Old Trafford!

There are many other great prizes and only a limited number of spots available in the competition. Secure your entry today! The total prize pool over the 8 weeks of the promotion is $15,000 and is exclusive to players who register a new account with Betfair.

You must enroll a brand new Betfair account using the Download & Sign-Up link below in order to be eligible for this promotion.

Grand Prizes

At the end of each half, the player with the most TOTAL POINTS
accumulated over the previous 4 weeks will win the grand prize for the half.

First Half Overall

Manchester United Jersey

Team-signed Manchester United Jersey + $500 USD

Second Half Overall

Manchester Box Seat Tickets

Box Seat Tickets to Manchester United Match vs. Sunderland + Travel Expenses

Weekly Prizes

At the end of EVERY WEEK of the competition (excluding the half time break),
the following prizes will be awarded to the players with the top 3 points totals.

First Place

Winners choice of:
iPad 2

iPad 2 16GB

Samsung Notebook

15" Intel i3 Samsung Notebook

Second Place

Winners choice of:
Playstation 3

Sony Playstation 3 - 160GB

Dr. Dre Headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre Studio
HD Headphones

Third Place

Reebok Sports Bag

Reebok Sports Bag

Contest Rules

  • Players must collect jerseys to earn points. Each jersey has a point value and can be earned multiple times throughout the competition.
  • Two jerseys will be revealed each week. The first week will begin with 2 jerseys while the final week will allow players to earn any of the 8 revealed jerseys to earn points.
  • Weekly total points will determine the winners of the weekly prizes. Cumulative point totals for the half will determine the grand prize winners.
  • After each week, weekly points reset to zero. After the first half, total points reset to zero.
  • Hands played at the following Hold'em Real Money stakes are eligible to earn jersey badges:
    • $0.05/$0.10 or higher (No Limit/Pot Limit)
    • $0.25/$0.50 or higher (Limit)
  • If you feel that you should have earned a jersey that was not awarded, please submit your hand history dispute here at least 24 hours after the hand was played. Any disputes submitted before 24 hours of the hand being played will be ignored.
  • Should two players have the same score, the player who earned the score the earliest (based on hand history time stamps) will be the winner.
  • The above rules will be applied alongside the Terms & Conditions for the Betfair Premier Cup found here.

First Half Badges

  • Week 1 - March 2nd to March 8th
  • Heroic Save [25pts]
    Call a river bet with King high or less and win (pot minimum of 35bb)
  • Bend It Like Rooney [25pts]
    Win a hand with hole cards 10 and 7 (hand must go to showdown, pot minimum of 75bb)
  • Week 2 - March 9th to March 15th
  • Crazy Fan [25pts]
    Play 1000 hands in a single day ('Day' is defined as 12:00AM - 11:59PM GMT)
  • Bet The Farm [50pts]
    Win a hand in which you make a minimum of 6 bets and/or raises when not in the small or big blind (No Limit only, pot minimum of 75bb)
  • Week 3 - March 16th to March 22nd
  • Full Roster [50pts]
    Win a pot where 5+ players see a flop (hand must go to showdown, pot minimum of 35bb)
  • Player Salary [50pts]
    Win a pot that is 25+ big bets (Limit) or 400+ bb (No Limit)
  • Week 4 - March 23rd to March 29th
  • Family Feud [100pts]
    Win a pot where 4+ players go to showdown (pot minimum of 35bb)
  • Team Colours [100pts]
    Win a pot where the community cards are all the same suit (hand must go to showdown, pot minimum of 35bb)

Second Half Badges

  • Week 1 - April 6th - 12th
  • Slowplay AA [25pts]
    Limp or flat call with AA from any position other than the small or big blind, and win the hand (must start the hand with a 50+bb stack, hand must go to showdown, No Limit only, pot minimum of 35bb)
  • League Champion [25pts]
    Get a 400bb stack on a single table (deep tables excluded, can be earned once per day)
  • Week 2 - April 13th to April 19th
  • Dead Man's Hand [25pts]
    Win a hand with hole cards A-8 when not in the blinds (hand must go to showdown, pot minimum of 35bb)
  • Furious Fergie [50pts]
    Win a hand in which you make a minimum of 5 bets and/or raises when not in the small or big blind (No Limit only, pot minimum of 60bb)
  • Week 3 - April 20th to April 26th
  • Grinder [50pts]
    Play a minimum of 300 hands per day for 5 days in a row
  • Team Jet [50pts]
    Play 2000 hands in a single day (a day is defined as 12:00AM to 11:59PM GMT)
  • Week 4 - April 27th to May 3rd
  • Super Straight [100pts]
    Get a 7-Card Straight (e.g. holding 89, board is 34567, hand must go to showdown, pot minimum of 35bb)
  • Longshot [100pts]
    Win or chop a hand when your opponent's hole cards are AA and one of your cards is an ace (hand must go to showdown, pot minimum of 35bb)


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