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Commenting Policy

  1. No berating of other players
    1. If your comments on a player's PTR page are clearly intended to inflict emotional harm on another player, your comment will be deleted. Telling a player he is bad is not berating, but telling a player that you hope he dies is berating. Racial slurs are particularly frowned on and will incur the harshest penalties. Our judgment will be the decider as to whether or not a comment is berating, if in doubt – don't leave the comment. For egregious cases, or multiple (2+) infractions, you will lose your commenting privileges.
    2. The same goes for us and our website, please stay respectful.
  2. No begging

    We have a zero tolerance policy towards begging. If you post a comment or are reported for private messaging other players begging for money you will be IP banned from the website. This is irrevocable and there will be NO warnings.

  3. No selling/promoting other services

    If you have a service you'd like to advertise on PTR, please see our advertising page. Please feel free to contact if you have any special requests or ideas, and we'd be happy to discuss. If you use PTR to promote a service or webpage, either via comments (linking or schilling), or by a url based username – you will lose your commenting privileges.

  4. Bug reports go in the Bug Reports forum

    Helpful bug reports which we can use to increase our overall coverage are appreciated and welcomed, in the bug reports forum.

How do I report inappropriate comments posted on player profiles?

If you see a comment posted on your profile or another profile that you find to be inappropriate (ie: foul language, inappropriate subject matter, advertising, racism), please notify our team at and report the following:

  • Player Profile that has the comment
  • PTR username of person posting inappropriate comment

A member of the PTR team will review the reported comment and remove if it does not follow our comment policy, it also can potentially lead to banning the commenting privileges of the PTR user posting the comment(s).

All decisions of PTR are final and reserve the right to remove comments at anytime.


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