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primzo5 Poker Player Ranking and Stats - Merge
1 Latest by: calebku330  : "now that jewbacastein is busto, it's nice to have ..."
calebku330: now that jewbacastein is busto, it's nice to have a new 100nl multitabler for the games to essentially run around. lol
More than 4 years ago
1 Slap
PTR Rating
Status: WARM
Tracked From: Feb 13th, 2012

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Overall Stats
Volun. Put $ in Pot -
Aggression Factor -
Aggression Freq. -
Went to Showdown -
Won $ @ Showdown -
Preflop Stats
Preflop Raise -
Attempt to Steal -
Fold BB to Steal -
Cold Call Open -
3-Bet -
Fold to 3-Bet -
4-Bet -
Fold to 4-Bet -
Post Flop Flop Turn River
C-Bet - - -
Fold To C-Bet - - -
Fold To Raise - - -
Check Raise - - -

primzo5's Results by Game Stake

Games Hands Net BB/100 Rake Rakeback Last Played Get Hands
$1/$2 NLH HU $164 $54 Feb 16th, 2012
$0.5/$1 NLH HU $51 $17 Feb 14th, 2012
$2/$4 NLH HU $9 $3 Feb 15th, 2012
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